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Insanity Max 30: The results


I did it! I completed Insanity Max 30. I took my pictures, I submitted my results so I receive a free completion t-shirt and all that’s left to do is share it.

I feel great. I at healthy, I pushed hard in my workouts (even though I mostly followed the modifier) and I drank Shakeology every. single. day.

I think the results speak for me. Also those abs that are starting to come through. I don’t do these workouts to look great {although that’s an added benefit} but I do them to feel good about myself, to feel strong, to feel and be healthy, to fuel my body and push my mind. I share the results to inspire, or motivate. If I can help you move your life into positive momentum then I’ve done a good days work.

So now for the real shocker…how much weight I lost in the 2 months of the program. Seriously, this will blow your mind.

I lost 3 pounds. Yep, 3. That’s what a 3 pound difference can look like. It’s 2 inches off my waist. It’s stronger abs and bigger muscles. It’s stronger lats so that your shoulders aren’t always up in your ears! Its a great reminder that scales are like people…sometimes they can be brutally honest and other times they can’t always tell the whole story.

Up next…The Master’s Hammer and Chisel workout {and eating} program!

Max 30: Mind Over Matter


Insanity Max 30:  Mind Over Matter

Today was tough…which also makes me proud of myself. Today was a total mental game. My mind was playing tricks on me. I didn’t sleep well (my dog is regressing in his sleep patterns and keeps hopping on my bed throughout the night which wakes me and I have to get him off the bed since he’s not supposed to sleep there). I am tired. I am supposed to be on vacation but I have lots of stuff I need/want to get done for my full time job (that I love). I have been of my regular schedule and last night I definitely ate something off of the “treat menu”.

All great reasons (NOT) to max out early in my workout. I mean there is no way I can go all 30 minutes 3 weeks in a row especially with all those reasons. My body wasn’t cooperating and neither was my mind. It was ready to give up…but I looked at the timer and I was barely at 10 minutes! 10 MINUTES! I can’t max out at 10 minutes after lasting the whole 30 last time (the last 2 times). I have to post this on facebook for accountability. I can’t post 10 minutes! I’ve got to at least get halfway through! So I dug deep. I pushed myself. I asked my body to keep going a little bit longer. I closed my eyes (almost fell over) and kept going.

We were at our water break…around the 17 minute mark. A much needed rest. Surely I can last to the 20 minute mark…that way I got 2/3rds of the way through. Ok…that’s the new goal. Just 3 more minutes.

Next water break (which is only 30 seconds BTW) and we are at 23 minutes. Ok, I might just be able to do this thing. Keep pushing, keep breathing, keep believing. Keep Pushing. Thinking about punching Shaun T in the face (which he’s fine with…as long as I keep my core tight). Seriously, I love this guy but today I love to hate him. He’s fine with it, he’s pushing, he’s pushing me. Together we can do it…but I still want to punch him in the face.

MAX OUT! He said it!!!! I did it. We are done. I am just one notch above comatose during the cool down but I am euphoric at the same time (I think that’s called the runner’s high). It’s amazing, it’s wonderful, I am SOOOOO Hungry!

Only a week and a half left of this program. I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Financial Independence: My Transformation Story

12167098_10102067293838377_1909628185_n (1)Financial Independence: My Transformation Story
Recently, I was asked to share at a quarterly corporate event how I became consumer debt free, received the Beachbody Financial Independence Award and the role that Beachbody health and fitness programs and coaching played in wiping out just shy of 5 figures of debt. Yep, that’s me up on that stage in the orange shirt!

Want to know my secret? Well lucky you! I have the video for you to watch. Let me know what part resonates with you!

Financial Independence: My Beachbody Transformation Story

Uploaded by Anitra Kass on 2015-10-21.


Here to be Awesome

Some days things are hard, some days are super challenging. There are days when I want to curl up in bed and do nothing…but here’s the thing. I’m here to be awesome.

Being awesome requires stepping out of my comfort zone. It means I will have to overcome challenges along the way. It means getting up and out of bed on days when I don’t want to in order to accomplish something of meaning.

But being awesome also means loving others, showing compassion for them and being there for my family. It means being present in the moment so that I can enjoy the journey and all the awesomeness along the way.

Being awesome means taking care of this mind, body and soul that I have been blessed with. It means getting rest so I can operate on all cylinders. For me to be awesome, I need to connect with God and the hugged by the beauty of Mother Nature.

Being awesome isn’t easy but it is worth it. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that I was put on this earth for awesomeness. There are days when I fall short of that benchmark but each day is a blank slate, each day is a chance to be awesome.

Anyone else here to live a life of awesome?
Not Average but Awesome
Photo taken by Matthew Jackson

Hold fast to dreams…

“Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.” -Langston Hughes

The other day I was asked about my dreams. This lead into a conversation about dreams in general and how some people stop dreaming. I am lucky, I have always given myself permission to dream. Some dreams are lofty, some more humble but all are important. I know that one part of dreaming is proclaiming your dreams, putting some “skin in the game” so to speak. It’s really one of the first steps to make them a reality…so here we go….I am going to proclaim them here on facebook. So my friends and family know, so I can help others to give themselves permission to dream. I am claiming these dreams as mine. I have more, but I am not yet brave enough to share them all and I have new dreams or dreams that change a little here or there all the time…and that’s ok too. I am writing them as if they are already accomplished…they experts say this is the way to do it and those experts seem to have accomplished a lot of their dreams so here goes…

***I own my house outright, which means no mortgage. I am fortunate to have found a method to do this and with gazelle intensity I can.
***I am going with my family on a rad vacation…I was in Cancun this spring with a group of friends, my fellow coaches and I kept thinking how much fun it would be to come back here with my family, not just mom and dad but with everyone. I don’t know when this will happen just yet so family don’t mark your calendars just yet…but it will happen.
***I visit my sister, niece, nephew and BIL quarterly. I don’t want to miss out on those kids as they grow up, I want to love them up and spend time with them, I want to get to know the people they are becoming.
***I am financially free. I have a flush emergency fund, money in retirement accounts, an ROTH IRA that’s maxed out each year, a house that’s paid for and a good job (or two). I have the means to travel, to save, to treat my friends and family, and to be generous with all that I have been given. This freedom is a weight lifted from my shoulders, with this freedom I stand a little taller, walk a little lighter, stand in the sunshine a little longer and breathe.

Thank you to all those who support my dreams, who have encouraged me to dream throughout the years and who dream with me. Before I happened upon a little exercise program called hip hop abs, I don’t know if I would have thought these dreams possible…or at least not until retirement age. But now…now I know those dreams are mine for the taking, they can be my reality, they are my reality. Who else is ready to dream?  Who wants to join me in making their dreams come true?


Want to know how I am going to make it happen?  Check this out.  11223984_531838243635073_6865320554203895019_o

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

This is a picture of yesterday’s workout…it was “Bulk Back”. Back day on this program kills me. It’s one of those that I am excited for because its only 29 minutes! Yay! 29 minutes. But it also has the hardest exercise for me…PULL-UPS.

Yes, pull-ups are hard,physically. Yes I have to use the “pull-up assist band” (that red band you see in the picture that my foot sits in and gives me help getting up there). But what is so hard about this exercise for me is that I used to be able to do pull-ups on my own…a good number of them…I think I did 15 to earn a t-shirt when I was in college.

But here is the thing, I have to STOP comparing almost 37 year old Anitra with 20 year old Anitra. They are totally different people. One was a collegiate athlete, the other is a gal who works on a computer reading maps and environmental analysis documents. One developed her strength from getting out of the pool, hundreds of times a week over the course of 13 years. The other is developing her strength doing at home workout DVDs…and has only been at it for 2 years.

How can someone with 37 years of life experience forget that it took her 13 years to develop the strength to do 15 pull-ups? How can she be dis-heartened that she can only do 1 or 2 on her own now after working at it for just about 2 years (and definitely not focused on exercises that will make me able to do pull-ups)? It’s easy, when we are little we don’t realize how much work we are putting in. When we are learning to walk and we fall and we get back up and we try again, we just keep doing it. When we are young we are tenacious, we don’t know how to be any other way. We haven’t let the negative thoughts creep in? We haven’t spent half our lives comparing ourselves to others. We learn to walk because we keep trying again. We learn how to walk longer distances, how to keep our balance, how to be more steady on our feet because we keep practicing. We keep getting stronger.

So why am I just realizing this? Why have I been comparing and wanting the results right now when I haven’t put in that “walking type of work”? Wanting results and using that to fuel practice is good. Comparing myself to 20 year old Anitra…that’s not good, nor is it helpful.

So today (and for the next Bulk Back workout) no comparing with who I used to be. Only using the knowledge of what my body is capable of to drive me forward to take action.


Results: A visit to the doctor

I went to the Doctor the other day and of course I got weighed got my pulse taken, etc…the funny thing was the scale was in kilograms and normally it’s in pounds and not being so math oriented I didn’t do the conversion and went on with the exam, not really thinking about it.

So when I arrived home I logged into my site and checked out the stats from my visit today….and then got curious. I had been to the doctor 5 months (ok, one day shy of 5 months) earlier. Here are my stats:

Feb: 160 lbs, Pulse 81
July: 149 lbs, Pulse 62

What a difference a few months of paying attention to what you eat (yep, even the best of us who think we have it dialed in get cocky and don’t track our food and fall back into some old, not so great, habits) and adding in some more intense workouts…some resistance training and mixing it up…I had fallen into a routine where I was just sort of going through the motions. I was working out but not really giving it all I had.

I started a new program about 7 weeks ago and that has really pushed me, gotten me excited about my own workouts and made me feel strong both on the inside and the outside…oh and my clothes fit a whole lot better too!

If you want to feel better both inside and out, make your stats better the next time you go to the doctor (check out that decrease in resting pulse rate) and have support and accountability consider joining my next fitness accountability and support group. Just fill out this form and I’ll contact you to see if what I have to offer would meet your needs.

I hope to hear from you!11143696_531491117003119_760371673892228125_o

Motivation: Why Exercise?

Some people who see me working out say “you look fine, you don’t need to workout.” And while that’s nice of them to say, for me exercise isn’t really all about how I look. Sure it’s nice to feel like I look fit but it’s really about feeling strong, about allowing me to do the physical activities (like hiking, backpacking, etc.) that I want to do. It’s about what it does for my mind, my heart (literally and figuratively) and my soul.

Why do you exercise?exercise changes your body, mind, attitude and mood

Results: How it feels after 3 weeks

Pictures can be scary…especially in a bikini (can you say vulnerable?) But I am happy to share my progress pictures with everyone!

I have been doing a program that focuses on lifting weights (I forgot how much I missed lifting) and after 3 weeks of work, eating a lot every day (this program gives me 2,200 calories a day!), lots of sweat and loads of short video clips…here are the results.

I feel stronger and more like a bad ass. The weights I lift aren’t heavy…I don’t think I’ve gone over 15 pound dumbbells (yet). I actually look forward to my workout…it’s so different than what I’ve been doing lately that I LOVE it. It’s a great combination of loving the trainer on the DVD, Sagi, and wanting to punch him in the face…because he works me hard and pushes me. I hope Sagi takes that as a compliment…because it is one coming from me.

Just looking at the pictures I see that my belly is smaller, my butt looks lifted and I have smaller “back rolls” near my bikini strap. I didn’t photo shop anything in these photos…these are just straight up me. But here are the actual stats
***down 5 pounds (no wonder my pants fit better)
***down 2 inches around my waist
***down 1.25 inches around my chest (shhhh, I think my boobs look better because of the muscle gains)
***hips down a quarter of an inch…I’ve never really considered myself to have big hips so I’ll take any decrease I can
***arms and thighs stayed the same…but I think the lost some fat and gained some muscle or at least I feel stronger and that’s what really counts!

So if you want to feel better about yourself, be stronger and more fit, have your clothes fit more comfortably and be supported by a great group of people, join my next fitness support and accountability group. Fill out this form and we can get started!   11411721_530715590414005_8254301400492705030_o

Coaching Questions: Why Beachbody?

Today I was asked a serious question…what made you believe in Beachbody enough to be a coach?

It really came down to 2 major things…oh and I was trying hard not to get emotional (I am an ugly crier) after a workout it’s tough not to be. Ok I’ll stop typing so you can watch!

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